Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Does the Sani-Floor® Trough Leak Eliminator work with any floor trough on the market?

A:  No, the Sani-Floor Trough Leak Eliminator is designed to work only with Sani-Floor’s Self-Washing Floor Troughs or our Standard Floor Troughs.

Q:  Why do I need the Sani-Floor Trough Leak Eliminator?

A:  When a floor trough is installed on building floors above grade, they are all susceptible to leaking into occupied spaces below the kitchen. Every slab penetration made for a floor trough drain is left wide open with no water tight method to prevent leaking.  The Sani-Floor Trough Leak Eliminator’s unique sump drain and seepage flange assembly design is a sure method to eliminate leaks from any size floor trough.

Q:  How does the Sani-Floor Trough Leak Eliminator prevent leaks?

A:  By design, the seepage flange clamps down on the waterproof membrane and creates a watertight seal equivalent to the performance demands of a roof drain or swimming pool application.  Weep holes in the seepage flange allow liquids to flow into the building drain line and will never accumulate.

Q:  What type of water proof membrane should I use?

A:  For best results, the waterproof membrane material must be sheet or roll type so the material can be clamped watertight to the assembly.  Liquid or troweled on membrane types are not recommended.  Membrane material is not provided by Sani-Floor and must be specified by others.